15 June 2010

Mountain Dew Energy [UK Product!] (Total Petrol Station)

There seems to have been a lot of hype about Mountain Dew here in the UK over the last couple of weeks. Many of us that tried it in the mid 1990s when it was released here missed it when it was discontinued. Others have tried it on holidays to America, and wish that it was available back here. So when the announcements were made that it was being re-launched, lots of excitement stirred with websites requesting sightings. I had it on good authority that it would be available in BP petrol stations and branches of Sainsbury’s, and I tried several to no avail. Big thanks to Spectre for humouring me and helping in the search!
One Sunday, we were on our way back home from a morning out and we drove past a Total Petrol Station with signs outside declaring “Mountain Dew Energy - Sold Here”. Finally! Spectre turned the car around, and we were in business!
Now one thing to note, this is not Mountain Dew, this is Mountain Dew Energy, it has added extra caffeine and is sold as an energy drink, next to the cans of Red Bull etc. I tend not to buy energy drinks, my daily coffee consumption means that I rarely need any extra caffeine adding to my blood stream! Still, this particular one was too exciting to miss.
The unsubtle luminous yellow / lime green bottle left me worrying about the colour of the liquid inside, but I can assure you it is a warm lemon colour, and not day glow! The drink was suitably fizzy, with a lovely rush of citrus flavours, orange, lemon and lime were all present and the taste was very sweet and refreshing. I like Mountain Dew because it is a nice flavour in-between lemonade and orangeade.
I actually drank the bottle having had a full day at work, and while walking to the swimming baths so I felt the sugar and caffeine rush could be put to good uses. Generally though, as I said I don’t buy energy drinks, so will have to have this as an occasional treat. It would make me really excited if we were to get proper Mountain Dew over here, now that would become a regular purchase!


NLi10 said...

Did you swim faster? :)

Marvo said...

In the US, Mountain Dew came out with an extra caffeinated Mountain Dew called Mountain Dew MDX. I came in a smaller bottle, but I don't remember what it tastes like. It was around for a year and then discontinued.

cinabar said...

NLi10 - I should have compared numbers of lengths in the pool! Darn, I missed a statistical study opportunity! :-D

Marvo - I just can't believe the first product they release here is an energy drink rather than the regular Dew. Oh well, we still have the import shops!