3 March 2022

Belated Indian Pancake Day - Shana Onion Paratha by @NLi10

 Seeing as I've missed pancake day review slot this year (and Chiquito banana Wednesday) I decided to talk about these that we've been enjoying recently.  While pancake-like they aren't exactly the same thing - and come pre-frozen unlike they shakers of pancake mix you can buy.

Noticeably they are savoury too - previously we looked at the plain ones but here we have onion.  Shana have recently started targeting me with YouTube adverts suggesting my adopted child will be reminded of her homeland if I use their ingredients.  My cat does really enjoy naan, maybe they are right.

Flour, water, marge, salt, baking powder, onion & herbs. Done.

Each of the paratha has two bits of film separating them - guess that's easier to use but it does feel like overpackaging - thankfully the co-op will recycle film now.

A better view of the uncooked disk

then boom!

A few minutes later it's all puffed up and cooking nicely.

And they still taste great.  I didn't use butter to fry them this time which I think worked better - and it meant that the savoury onion flavour was there more strongly.  I think they do garlic ones too which I'd love to try - we had these as an accompaniment to a nice meal of leftovers!  Just like in the proper spirit of pancake day.

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zeddy said...

These are great with a curry.
Tasty when dipped!