10 March 2022

Shreddies - Toffee & Apple Limited Edition by @NLi10

 I do t usually go in U.K. discount store B&M, but Iceland closed at 7 and I wanted a few bits and pieces so I ventured in…

…and to my surprise found some left over stocks of the Toffee & Apple variety that I’d wanted to try when it came out!

Value stores are often good for this - seasonal variation didn’t sell, get it here instead!

I did indeed got this one!

I also got a box of the ace pumpkin spice version too. Winter goodness.

The apple one is nicely flavoured but it’s not that strong. It’s vaguely fruity and vaguely sugary. I added raspberries after the initial taste test and they overpowered it easily.  I’m going to enjoy eating this, but it’s not got the ‘winter taste’ as nailed on as the pumpkin spice has. 

A good thing that I’m happy to munch through - and maybe I’ll get to sample further boxes of these by braving the always stressful queues of B&M.

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