24 March 2022

jake & NAYNS' BBQ Chilli Jackfruit Burrito - microwave Vegan lunch by @NLi10

 jake & NAYNS' (their capitalisation) seem to be a cool, hip new brand that are willing to sell me exciting things for lunch - lets get started!

I've not really had much Jackfruit - I tried it in Las Iguanas and it was decent enough - and it's show up in some imitation meats since - but this is the first time I've seen it in the lunch aisle.

They are Bros and and have high impact street food. I'll remember to look both ways before eating this.

Says hot or cold - but we have a microwave now so hot it is.  Leave in the cardboard for best results

I'd hate to see the worst results!

Despite seemingly being too damp in some places and too dry in others (and looking like an absolute mess as a result) it was actually really nice.

It was also possibly the most filling lunch snack that I've ever reviewed.  No afternoon snacks required and I turned down evening meal extras.  Maybe I did something wrong, and maybe there are more delicate ways to heat this - but - if any of the smaller local places that I usually buy things from get these in (I got this at Sainsbury's) then I'll try the range and let you know.

Nicely surprising.

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