19 March 2022

Magic Rock Brewing Chameleonic DDH IPA (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I'm feeling a little grumpy. I almost didn't write about this Chameleonic DDH IPA. There wasn't much information on this beer can from Magic Rock Brewing. Asides being 6% in volume and being a DDH IPA, the can is covered in just circles and arrows. I don't expect an essay on the back of a beer can, and I sometimes do get ingredients down to types of hops and calorie content. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect much and have written blogs about plenty of beers from overseas where the bottles or cans have been in a different language. I'm maybe feeling a little lazy? Although this can simply states "Think Magic".

When you've written several hundred beer blogs over more than a ten year period and suddenly find you're looking up what DDH stands for, you feel more than a little stupid and frustrated. Never mind it's sunny outside, I've had a good workout and then a long relax in the spa area at the gym talking to friends, and now I have a Chinese takeaway for dinner. So that'll cheer me up for having to look up information on Chameleonic DDH IPA on the internet.

Magic Rock Brewing's Website states (yes, I had to go there instead of the back of the can right in front of me) that this Double Dry-Hopped (DDH) India Pale Ale has a fruity blend of hops from the USA. With grapefruit, mango and guava flavours, so I should imagine Chinook hops have been used in the brewing, and or possibly Amarillo. There was certainly a tropical fruity citrus aroma on opening the can.

This misty golden IPA had a keen edged bitterness to start with biting at my tastebuds like an angry rattlesnake. The citrus fruitiness pounced on the knife edge of hops impaling itself and smoothing out the bite, with the sweeter pale malts taking over from the fruits into the aftertaste. It's difficult to stay mad at such a flavoursome beer as this. Even though I still don't know what Chameleonic means, I have to admit that I could think a certain amount of magic as I drank it.

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