6 March 2022

Waitrose Turkey & Stuffing (Christmas Tree) Tortilla Chips by @NLi10

You can tell we are in the first quiet season of the year for snacks.  The Easter stuff is approaching relevance, but at the moment we are just getting to the bottom of the giant box of Christmas presents and bargains.  This came in our Waitrose Christmas hamper.  I'd assumed it was a big bag of crisps...


but it's actually tortilla chips!  I opened these one night while watching sports to munch away on  - and they are surprisingly meaty.  Well - I suppose they are Waitrose!

All completely vegan - as you'd expect - it's just easier that way.  Almost like the bits of the meat we crave are the fatty, burnt spices.  Yum!

And while the cave shot as always makes the bag look empty - that 8 servings isn't really that far off.  These aren't a bag-a-day habit chip like lime Doritos or those Pringle things.  This is more of a luxury dip into the bag kind of thing.  In fact I wish I'd remembered I'd got some left to add to last night's fajitas!

And unlike most Christmas Trees in March these still have most of their shape and flavour.  

Ordinarily i'd probably not have bothered talking about these - but I'm fed up of seasonal Crisps.  These festive Chips are a great change - you could even add texture and spice to these depending on the particular season you are aiming for.  Chocolate coated chips for easter? Fruity or boozy summer chips?  Pumpkin spice chips for Halloween because it's always pumpkin spice.

Endless opportunities for robust, adult snacks that I'm happy to receive free samples of if you do make them. :)

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