17 March 2022

Clean R & Cola / G & Tonic - alcohol free Rum & Cola / Gin & Tonic by @NLi10

We like social drinks - that is Adult drinks with no alcohol needed - and here we have a borderline one. 0.5% is basically no alcohol - it’s a little more than Fentimans but not much.

So what’s the deal here?

These are cocktail replacements in a can! Don’t want the media being obsessed with the fact you purchased a G&T on the train? Go for this

First up a Jack Daniel’s and Cola imitation. Not really my chosen drink at any point, but something I have enjoyed over the years.

Looks and smells decent, and the flavour isn’t quite authentic, but goodness this is. Lovely refreshing drink! They used decent cola, and added some magic to make it a very tingly alcohol like drink. This isn’t going to fool anyone, it doesn’t feel like you are drinking alcohol, but sipping this is a good time.

I love tonic water, and occasionally I’ll put gin in instead of my traditional vodka. This mix didn’t get the tonic taste right, and the gin just tasted foul. I’m not quite sure what was going on here - but for the first time in ages I was tempted to just pour the final 2/3 of the can down the sink. 

I persevered and didn’t enjoy it, but I did finish. I’m really not sure what it was that made the taste just so wrong!

I’d love more of the cola though.


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