26 March 2022

Plum Pig Beer (Black Country Living Museum) By @SpectreUK

Plum Pig Beer

We visited the Black Country Living Museum a few months back. Cinabar bought me a couple of beers from there after we'd wandered around the museum, and enjoyed a traditional fish and chips lunch. I've written about the Mild and now it looks like I have a Plum Porter to try. I do usually love a good Porter, especially one flavoured with plum, although I can't see any in the ingredients. From a little research there are a few Belgian yeasts that can produce a plum flavour, so perhaps one of those yeasts were used in the brewing of this Plum Pig.

Plum Pig was produced by the Micro Brewery called Black Country Ales, which is just down the road in Kingswinford. At 4.3% in volume this Plum Porter certainly has an intense fruity plum aroma on opening. On taste this deep brown ale has a sweet fruity plum flavour from initial tasting. There is a sweetness of caramel and malts, and then a mild bitterness from herbal fruity hops. This fruitiness carries on throughout the flavour and into the aftertaste. This Plum Pig is a very tasty Porter indeed and I'll look forward to another bottle next time we visit the Black Country Living Museum.

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