1 March 2022

Tassimo Hot Choco Salted Caramel (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Tassimo Hot Choco Salted Caramel

I drink more hot chocolate than the average person. Having said that, I stopped buying Tassimo hot chocolate and I can’t remember why, it was years ago. If I’m honest, my Tassimo machine has had less love over the last year for coffee too, but mostly I remember a huge wave of disappointment about hot chocolate. This is the first time I’ve seen a limited edition hot chocolate for the Tassimo, so I thought I’d risk it and buy these Hot Choco Salted Caramel drinks to see if I could regain the love.

Inside the pack are two boxes with the Tassimo pods inside. I had a look at the pod and the first hit of disappointed memories came back to me. Originally, Tassimo hot chocolate used to be a liquid inside the pod that made a good hot chocolate, then at some point they switched to instant powder. This pod had powder. There is still hope the flavour will win me over.

Tassimo Hot Choco Salted Caramel

I popped the pod into the machine and pressed the button for it to brew me a drink. I waited as it heated and whizzed away. Then it had finished, and the cup was just half full. Oh yes, that is why I didn’t buy the hot chocolate. You can’t get a decent portion. I pressed the top-up button fully aware I was watering down the drink. I can’t cope with a half mug though, that is worse.

So yeah, the flavour is okay. I mean I could put the usual moan in about the fact that salted caramel isn’t that imaginative, but I’ll leave that because it was nice. A little sweet and syrupy, and also a touch of salt. I found the drink to be mild, but it was that or have half a portion, and that reason there is what I’d forgotten. This is a small portion of powdered hot chocolate made with water, under the guise of being a ‘coffee shop selection’. Shame.

Tassimo Hot Choco Salted Caramel

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