13 March 2022

Milk Snacks! Oreo & Milka varieties by @NLi10

The nice people at Kinder make a lot of hot weather chocolate things like the Kinder Pingui - and it looks like I missed that other people have done the same!

 Both of these are very familiar brands - Milka is a great Euro choc, and Oreo is the oddly popular American version of a bourbon biscuit (which I still enjoy).

Milka is basically just the same as a Kinder Pingui - maybe with a little less sponge and a little more milk.

Looks nice, very refreshing and perfect if the hot weather ever appears.

Oreo is the main event here though - just a little more excitement in the recipie.

First off it's dark & has crunchy bits on the outside

And a lovely spongy base too.

Good flavours on this version - a little more exciting.

I keep these at the top of the fridge so that they are cold, but not frozen.  I've seen people deliberately do the opposite making them as cold as possible so they are more like a mini-milk.  Eitherway it's a cheap way to cool down and manage to eat chocolate in a hot place.

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