5 March 2022

Chinook Single Hopped IPA (Backyard Brewhouse) By @SpectreUK

Chinook Single Hopped IPA

I've tried many India Pale Ales in the past. I've tried many combinations of hops in those many pale ales. I must say Chinook is a favourite hop of mine. I can't pick out many hops, but it's spiciness and citrus fruitiness with a hint of pine always adds a bold flavour to any beer. To find a pale ale that focuses on Chinook hops could be quite a treat.

Chinook Single Hopped IPA was produced by the Backyard Brewery. At 5% in volume this pale ale sports spiciness, juniper and lavender in its flavour on the back of the bottle. There was certainly spiciness in the smell with quite a fruity kick, although this was muted by that familiar pine at the back of the aroma.

On taste considering one hop was used in the brewing, Chinook Single Hopped IPA was certainly a flavoursome brew. There was an instant bitterness from the spicy fruity hops, with notes of pine coming through as well as sweet pale malts underneath the powerful hops moving into the aftertaste. I really enjoyed this beer. This pale ale went very well indeed with my battered fish, chips and battered sausage Friday night takeaway.

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