16 March 2022

KurKure Masala Munch (Tesco Express) By @SpectreUK

KurKure Masala Munch

Dal, corn and rice for a snack food doesn't sound like a good combination to me. I haven't had an alternative snack for some time though. So Cinabar brought me back this KurKure Masala Munch made with Dal, Corn and Rice from the local store. I have to confess that I left it on the Foodstufffinds shelf for quite sometime. Although one of the snacks I miss the most was a Balti Bombay Mix I used eat regularly before I was advised not to by a Nutritionist for dietary reasons.

We choose to share these out during a cheese and cold meats meal. Although I usually enjoy a glass of port, I opted for a double Southern Comfort and Diet 7UP for a change. I tried other lemonades with Southern Comfort, but found 7UP to be the most complementary. Anyway, I digress.

KurKure Masala Munch

As you can see from the photograph, on opening the bag of these KurKure Masala Munch these crisps looked almost identical to another favourite crisp brand of mine. They have a slightly crunchier texture though. There was a strong smell of curry spices mixed with a fiery aroma of chilli pepper. On tasting there was a strong flavour of cumin that came through first with other curry spices quickly following. There was then quite a blast from fiery hot chilli into the aftertaste.

These KurKure Masala Munch crisps were very tasty indeed, and I rather like the fact that they looked like Nik Naks, and had almost the same texture. Their curry spices and hot chilli flavour left a decent burn in my mouth after finishing the packet. I certainly enjoyed them, and so did Cinabar and her mom after sharing them out. I asked Cinabar if she could get another packet or more for the next few cheese and port meals.

Information on the packet; The 100g bag contains 165 calories per 30g portion, with 9.8g of fat, 0.4g of sugar, and 0.56g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

KurKure Masala Munch

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