9 March 2022

Hot Cross Bun Fudge (Co-op) By @SpectreUK

Hot Cross Bun Fudge (Co-op)

So Cinabar passes me this box of Hot Cross Bun Fudge from the shopping bag and says; "Can you write a blog about these?" I say; "Why?" Then it descends into, "Well, if you don't want them…" It's not that, it's just that why would you make Hot Cross Bun Fudge? I can understand Hot Cross Bun season for Lent, and I've always liked fudge, of course, but putting them both together? Maybe they made too many of each batch and this Hot Cross Bun Fudge got mixed up in the manufacturing process?

I do love Hot Cross Buns, especially with butter and damson jam. This Hot Cross Bun Fudge is fudge candied with orange and lemon peel, with added sultanas and ground cinnamon. As you can see from the photograph on opening the box the chunky pieces of fudge were full of sultanas. This fudge smelt just like Hot Crossed Buns mixed with sweet butter fudge.

Hot Cross Bun Fudge (Co-op)

On taste this Hot Cross Bun Fudge melted in my mouth, well asides the sultanas of course. Sweet smooth and spicy I could also taste the zesty orange and lemon peel, golden syrup and a little saltiness in the butter fudge. Gorgeous. I managed my calories well enough so I could gorge on the whole packet after my dinner of spicy Singapore noodles and prawn crackers. Oh yes, now I see why they mixed Hot Cross Buns and fudge together.

Information on the box; The 150g of fudge is 108 calories per 2 pieces at 25g, with 2.6g of fat, 17g of sugar, and 0.02g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Hot Cross Bun Fudge (Co-op)

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