31 March 2022

Plant Pioneers - Vegan NO Steak Bake - by @NLi10 from Sainsburys

 Hey - it's lunch time again!  Well - not quite...

Front loading the nice picture for the Insta!

So while this is a quick lunch style steak bake we had it as part of a balanced evening meal.

Plant Pioneers are a neat little company that I've not seen before...

...just kidding - it's actually a Sainsbury's stealth own brand.  I have absolutely no problem with this however, in fact I'm confused that it's taken so long for this idea to make it to the high-street - the music industry has had fake Indy labels since the 90s.

They look good though, the left one is a cheeeese version that I didn't have.

They look decent 

And they polish up to a meal nicely.

The queen's official food taster approves (but did not detect any meat so left alone)

Mine however looks pretty meaty for a vegan slice.  More of a veggie mince than a steak bake really - I'd have preferred some chunkiness - but another really enjoyable product.  

Can't wait to explore more of this range and see how successful it becomes.

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