1 April 2022

Kit Kat Chunky Aero Mint (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Chunky Aero Mint

There aren’t many crossover chocolate bars around, I mean specifically where one which is flavoured with another. It should happen more as big brands like Cadbury, Mars and Nestle each makes lots of chocolates and I think there is some fun in combining them. This sort of bar is hard to find. I got this online, via an import shop, from Australia. Nestle make both Kit Kat Chunky and Aero and have combined the two into this spectacular bar, Kit Kat Aero Mint. I love chocolate mint so was just so excited to see this.

Once opened the bar does not disappoint. The Aero Mint section of the Kit Kat is green and looks amazing. There is all the usual wafers too of a normal Kit Kat Chunky but with the added fun of green bubbles. Once you bite in the bar is a pleasure to munch on. There is solid chocolate, aerated bubbles and crispy wafers all making it so satisfying to eat. If you like texture in a chocolate bar this will be right up your street. The flavour from the mint is well balanced and refreshing, and mixed with the Kit Kat perfectly. It is fun look at and fun to eat, I wish they made them in this country because I’b be stocking up right now. What next? Aero Mint Munchies need to be a thing.

Kit Kat Chunky Aero Mint

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