29 April 2022

Ferrero Roche Original Bar (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Ferrero Roche Original Bar

I do associate Ferrero Roche with Christmas. I even had a superb Ferrero Roche Advent Calendar last year with a chocolate each day on the countdown. How totally indulgent is that. I would like another this year, if anybody is taking notes.

This bar is smartly wrapped, and inside the card is a gold foil as it is posh chocolate. I opened it up and the bar looked smart too. Some of the pieces look like they have more filling than some of the others, which is weird. Surely all the pieces should be the same.

I gave a piece a try and was surprised that it is quite a soft and light bar to eat. There is plenty of sweet milk chocolate, but no wafer to add crispness. Inside the chocolate there were little bits of hazelnut in a soft filling, which, although they did add texture, were still quite delicate to munch on. The bar is very reminiscent of the Ferrero Roche chocolates, in a much easier to snack on format. I would buy it again.

Ferrero Roche Original Bar

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zeddy said...

They aren't bad at all. I prefer the dark variety.