28 April 2022

Plant Pioneers - Grow Delicious - Slightly Salted Spread by @NLi10 #vegan

 Sometimes the Vegan products are so ridiculously close to what we usually buy that it's rude not to try them.

Especially when they are basically half price! Ignore the date - we had most of a month to finish this...

This is a cool young brand - I can't believe it's not I Can't Believe Its Not Butter!

It's all just oil! No wonder people think that bread leads to terrible eating habits.

At least it's sustainable.  If you flip it onto it's weaker underbelly for maximum damage you can see this is actually a Sainsbury's own brand - clever!

So I took some oil

And put it on the luxury farmers loaf! It was surprisingly close to the dairy equivalent,  with just enough flavour to lighten the toast up.  A win for the toast and the planet (but maybe not my cholesterol).

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