10 April 2022

Diablo - Vanilla Cookie's - Sugar Free, Fake, Blonde Oreos by @NLi10

After the failure of the Diablo boiled sweets I was very worried that I had three boxes of biscuits to eat too!

First up - the Blonde Oreo, but Sugar Free.


Conveniently in mini packs I took these to the beach

I needed rocks to keep my Sitpack from sinking but it worked well enough.  

The biscuits are a little too light, they lack the substance of a sugary biscuit, and consequently feel a little insubstantial. This means I can eat all 4 in a pack without any guilt like it suggests on the box. Hooray!

The flavours are pretty decent though - not as strong as the real blonde Oreo (which does over-rely on the sugar hit from the creme) but I'm not sure why. Cocoa without sugar - real dark stuff - could have gone in the middle and given this a fighting chance.  Better than the sweets then - but not something to rush out for.  You'd happily give this to people avoiding sugar though and not feel too bad for them.

The cookies are very similar- the crumb just isn't hardy enough - but here the additions work much better. The choc is pretty choccy and the cranberries add some natural sweetness.

I didn't get the aftertaste problem as much with the biscuits (they spend a lot less time in the mouth!) but I'd still shy away from giving them to people who dislike sweeteners.

We didn't try the peanut ones but I suspect the base is the same as the other cookies.  We will keep those sealed for freshness for another time.

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