8 April 2022

Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Edition (Tesco) By @Cinabar]

Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Edition

It is Easter season and in amongst the usual yummy chocolate eggs and goodies I spotted something I hadn’t seen before, this Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Edition. I’ve seen a few hot cross buns flavoured with chocolate but this bar is the other way around. One of the main ingredients in this bar is cinnamon, my favourite spice, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Edition

The bar looks much like most Dairy Milk chocolate bars, with just some hint of the raisins shining through the chocolate. Inside the pieces you can see some bits of cinnamon crunch too, adding to the mix. I gave the bar a try and, as someone who likes texture, was pleased by the squishy raisins and crunchy cinnamon sugar crystals, they made the chocolate interesting to eat. I liked the flavour too but, and this might just be me, the cinnamon was far too mild. If you got a crunchy bit, the flavour was more predominant but it would have been nice to have had a heavier hit of the spice over all. Everything is better with more cinnamon, right? It would have helped increase the hot cross flavour. There were plenty of raisins. It just needed even more spice too. This Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Edition is still good though, and a nice bar for Easter.

Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Edition

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zeddy said...

My other half loves this.
Cinnamon, you say? Meh!