3 April 2022

Carluccio's Birmingham Pizzas -but- in a supermarket! @NLi10

Carluccio's is a Birmingham institution, a restaurant so good that it's whole area is now one of the hot places to go for food.  We used to go in the early 2000s as grubby post students and marvel at the depth of the menu and the flavours.  Nowadays I'd choose Del Villagio every time, but then that's more my kind of Italy - but if you want to take someone out and wow them we have Carluccio's.

I mean  - look at that luxury Pizza!

And now Sainsbury's have a Carluccio's section.

I was confused at first - would this be a name only thing where they just slapped a brand on something they already had?  It seems not, as there were a wide range of fresh options.  Unfortunately due to a holiday coming up (which I'm now back from - review time is odd compared to real time) I couldn't pick up much so we chose a pizza each.

Made in the UK and name-checking Birmingham. It seems its a whole range called Carluccio's At Home and I'm mainly putting this link here for my own benefit later.

Raw Pizza looks better than in most restaurants - it's £4.50 for this and £3 for the frozen Chicago Town ones I get from the shop on my road.  Those are decent pizzas to but this is art.

Still soft on the bottom, but the cheese has bubbled so it's done.

Terrible picture here of me holding a slice over the pizza, but I wanted to eat it.  Rich, deep flavours and all the bites were unique.  

Now I'm older and can afford the finer things more often I'll have to go back to Temple Row and visit Carluccio's at their home instead of mine. Until then - this will certainly do.

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NLi10 said...

It's weird, we have Carluccio's and Del Villagio which feel like much bigger things but are both essentially just Birmingham!