21 April 2022

Rana Pan Fry Gnocchi - Spinach & Mozzarella & Carbonara varieties by @NLi10

We are already part of the Rana family, it says so on the packets.  The pan fry gnocchi have been another revelation, and now they are doing more exciting flavours.

First up is the veggie friendlier version, spinach & mozzarella.  I know some veggies don't eat certain cheeses so you might need to check the fine print on this one.  Look at the lovely sizzling, crispy balls!

I had one just for review purposes, but this was not my dinner. The balance is good enough that it could have been though. The cheese doesn't overpower here - it's an ingredient not the only flavour.

I chose the carbonara - creamy meaty goodness.

As always it tells you how to cook them - butter and frequent shaking of the pan to roll them in the butter and their own juices to get an even coating.

And they look and smell fabulous once done.

Not quite as distinct as the pics on the box (but they are still 'chopped not blended' ingredients) but they were fantastic.  Needed more carbon/pepper for my tastes but that's easily added - as is cheese for those of you that like that sort of things.

Simple sophistication and they take literally 5 mins to prepare from start to finish.  A personal favourite.


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