9 April 2022

Saucery Ale (Magic Rock Brewing) By @SpectreUK

Saucery Ale (Magic Rock Brewing)

I'm confused. It doesn't take much, but this Session India Pale Ale from Magic Rock Brewing has definitely confused me. Apparently a Saucery was a room in a medieval house that prepared sauces, which was managed by a Saucerer. It must have been pretty cool telling people you were a Saucerer in medieval times, although not without danger of being burnt at the stake. Sorcery and sorcerers are all wizardry to me. So why did Magic Rock Brewing call their beer Saucery?

Anyway, this 3.9% in volume Saucery could have been drunk in older days on a break times at work before operating machinery, or so someone thought was safe at the time. I guess Risk Management and healthy and safety weren't around so much in those days. Although I can't help thinking that life may have been a bit more interesting, if not hazardous to your health. Once upon a time at work I did rather enjoy a quick half a pint of ale, a packet of Ready Salted crisps, and a read of my Commando comic mid afternoon down the local pub.

On opening the can of Saucery there was a strong herbal hop aroma, with a sweetness from the pale hops poking through behind it. On taste this bright golden pale ale had a sharp bitterness from the herbal hops, and then there was that sweetness from the pale malts into the aftertaste. I really enjoyed this beer with my Schnitzel, potatoes and salad for dinner. I'd definitely have another Saucery, maybe with something covered in barbecue sauce next time.

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