2 April 2022

Wu Gang Chops the Tree (@PressureDropBrw) By @SpectreUK

Wu Gang Chops the Tree (Pressure Drop) Beer

I chose this Wu Gang Chops the Tree foraged herb Hefeweisse simply because the name made me giggle. The weirdness of the moon foraging astronauts on the can caught my eyes too. Produced by Pressure Drop Brewing this 3.8% in volume Hefeweisse could easily be described as a session beer, which is a beer that could have been drunk on a break time when people could drink booze at work.

A Hefeweisse is a German white beer, which is generally made up of more than fifty percent of wheat. I'm feeling a little late to the party of Wu Gang Chops the Tree as it's been brewed in by Pressure Drop for almost ten years.

There was a strong wheat and herby smell on opening the can, with an almost heavy yeastiness at the back of the aroma. This pale golden beer has a strong herby flavour mixed with the bitterness of added herbal hops from initial taste, merging with a wheatiness and then a touch of underlying malts into the aftertaste.

I liked this beer very much. It's certainly flavoursome and so herby and wheaty that it's flavoured in a different way than I have probably experienced before. On the can Pressure Drop recommended that I try this Wu Gang Chops the Tree with a curry. We had a takeaway fish and chips meal, where I always have an added battered sausage. The can does state that this beer is probably their most versatile beer, and it certainly went well with my fish, chips and battered sausage from the local Chippy.

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