7 April 2022

Diablo - Strawberry & Cream Sweets - Sugar & Guilt Free! by @NLi10

 Opposite Harlech castle in Wales was a lovely little place that made me a fab coffee and sold loads of goodies.  I couldn't go home empty handed so stocked up on these Diablo treats 

Diablo is a sugar-free brand that I'd seen before but never picked up, and as I have Diabetic family members I figured I'd take some with me.

Perfect hiking sweets!

Pangs of fruit flavour - not guilt!

Lovely views

Pretty sweets...

...but they have that funny aftertaste that some sweeteners give.  I know this is a genetic thing (my Mom's side can't stand these) but the fruitiness isn't really present either and it's just an odd sensation instead.  They are edible - but a strawberry & cream sweet usually has the deep creamy flavours, and the high fruity mixed in. This just tasted like a flat single taste with two colours.

Very disappointing, but potentially an option for health reasons.

Oddly the best way to get the flavour out of this was to crunch it - but then the aftertaste really hits so it's still not for me.

And we have three boxes of the biscuits left to open!

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