25 April 2022

Limited Edition Intergalactic Coca-Cola (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Limited Edition Intergalactic Coca-Cola

We have had some strange flavours of soft drinks over the years, and several we have had to guess. The latest limited edition from Coca-Cola is this new Intergalactic flavour. You do sort of have to guess what that means in terms of taste as it isn’t too easy to work it out from the name. I’m not sure it even inspires a vague hint of what it might taste like. So the question is what does Intergalactic mean in terms of a flavour, and I’ve got nothing.

I poured some Intergalactic Coca-Cola out into a glass and realised the drink had a fun red tinge to it. Was that a clue to the flavour? I gave it a sip and the first taste was sweet, I know cola is always sweet, but this was sweeter. Then there was a lot of creaminess, like vanilla. Finally, the flavour ends on a burnt sugar note, just like candy floss. I think the mystery flavour must be candy floss. That is my best guess. That flavour at the end of the sip is just so distinctively sweet and reminds me of the fair ground rather than space. Why is it red, why is it space themed? I don’t think I have the answer.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

Limited Edition Intergalactic Coca-Cola

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Anonymous said...

It DEFINITELY tastes like gingerbread, it's such a nice flavour omfg. I didn't think they could can gingerbread but they did it!