18 April 2022

Muller Light Banana Split Yoghurt (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Muller Light Banana Split Yoghurt

This is the latest new flavour from Muller and it is in their Light range, which is helpful after all the Easter chocolate. The new variety is Muller Light Banana Split, and I was looking forward to it. Banana as a flavour seems to be as controversial as Marmite. Some people really hate it and some like me rather like it.

I opened up the pot and found inside it a light coloured yoghurt speckled with chocolate. I was trying to think what a Banana Split was like a retro dessert. I think it was banana, ice cream, chocolate sauce, cream and a cherry on top. Now idea how that went out of fashion! This yoghurt is just a banana base with some chocolate sprinkles in it, which, although nice, doesn’t seem quite as exciting as the dessert would make me in a restaurant.

Taste wise, it was nice, there was sweet banana which tasted quite natural, and the chocolate added a little bit of cocoa flavour to the mix, but sadly not that much. As someone who is in the camp that likes banana flavoured treats, this worked for me. Muller already makes a Banana and Custard flavour yoghurt though and this Muller Light Banana Split doesn’t seem to add enough difference to make it worthwhile having both. I think it needed a heavier hit from the dark chocolate.

Muller Light Banana Split Yoghurt

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