20 April 2022

Gnaw Deggmond Dinosaur (Moonpig - for Easter from my Bro) By @SpectreUK

Gnaw Deggmond Dinosaur

Brrr… Brrr… “Please state your emergency service.”

“Er… Police please.”

“I’ll put you through”

“Hello, this is the police, how can I help you?”

“Er… Hi, I’ve found a dead body. I… I think he’s been murdered!”

“Steady on, Sir, calm down. Tell me where you are and we’ll send someone over.”

Knock… knock… “Er… Hi, Officer.”

“Good evening, Sir. I’m Sergeant Bob, and this is my assistant, Constable McCluskey.“


“Tut… I’ll do the talking, Constable. The Chief Inspector will be here later, Sir. Please show me where the body is.”

“Er… it’s through here in the kitchen.”

Gnaw Deggmond Dinosaur

“I see. Did you move the body, Sir?”

“Er… No… no.”

“NEVER move the body!”

“Er… I didn’t, I swear.”

“It just seems to have been conveniently murdered on kitchen paper, so I see.”

“Er.. I didn’t move it, honestly.”

“Okay, Sir. If you could step into the corridor and I’ll ask you some further questions. Constable, keep an eye on the body will you?”

“Righto, Sarge.”

“So, do you live with the victim, Sir?”

“Er… no, I live across the street and I heard a scream. He was a quiet fellow. Such a nice guy.”

“Now, now, calm down, Sir. McCluskey, are you okay in there? Constable? Excuse me for a moment, Sir… Alright, Constable, where’s the head gone?”

Gnaw Deggmond Dinosaur

“Sarge, he was just so tasty. One of the most creamiest, milkiest milk chocolates I’ve ever tasted. And the crunchy coated eggs in his mouth and on his spine were to die for.”


“Sorry, Sarge.”

Gnaw Deggmond Dinosaur

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