6 April 2022

Chupa Chups Sour Infernals (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Chupa Chups Sour Infernals

A friend of ours in America recommended we try these Chupa Chups Sour Infernals. We're all fans of sour fruity gummy sweets, so I am trusting him to deliver the sour goods so to speak. The front of the packet states "Try the jelly… if you dare!!!" That's quite a few exclamation marks right there, so these fruity sours could deliver quite a face twisting experience, especially if the image of the poor fellow on the front of the packet is anything to go by.

There are three flavours of Chupa Chups Sour Infernals. There are yellow lemon flavoured sour jellies. Yellow like the sour sun on a hot scorching day I should imagine. There are fire engine red strawberry. I may need a fire engine to cool my twisted tastebuds after the lemon flavour. And there are cola coloured cola flavour sours, which I may try first. I really love sour cola bottles, so I'm sure I'll dive into the bag for those first.

Chupa Chups Sour Infernals

On opening the bag you can see from the photograph the jellies are a lit bomb shape. All the three flavours of jellies are covered in super sour sugar. I tried the cola flavour first and was rewarded by a sour cola taste after I'd sucked all the sugar off the jelly. The lemon flavour made my face twist from its sourness, whereas the strawberry flavour was the fruitiest of the three. The strawberry flavour certainly had a sourness, especially from the super sour sugar coating, but the red jelly underneath definitely helped to quench my sour fire from the other two flavours. There you go, fire engine red to the rescue.

Information on the packet; The 150g bag contains 354 calories per 100g, 0g of fat, 0g of salt, and 79g of sugar. Gluten free, please see photograph for the ingredients.

Chupa Chups Sour Infernals

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