14 April 2022

Jord - Nordic Oat Drink made from Oat & Hemp - by @NLi10

I tend to use almond milk, but pea milk is slightly better for the planet (but far less available) so  when I see an odd white plant drink to try I tend to pick it up.

I'd not heard of Jord, but I had had Hemp stuff before and liked it.

Like all of these it's basically 86% water, and less than 1% hemp.  This is probably a good thing.

And it's pretty simple too.

And it does indeed taste like oat milk with an aftertaste of hemp.

It's nowhere near as strong as the CBD style things, and honestly past the first spoonful you forget it's even there.  And it's enjoyable.  I'm not sure whether adding 1% hemp seeds really impacts the environmental side of this (more than carting this over from Norway), but as long as it doesn't make it worse then adding a little taste is quite fun.

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