3 July 2022

Alpro - Shh This Is Not MILK - liquid plants (@Nli10)

 As a massive fan of whole milk it took a while to get used to the plant based offerings when I switched away from Dairy.  It really helped with my respiratory issues (which wasn't why I switched but I'm so glad I did!).  In the olden days I'd drink 4 pint jugs of the blue cow stuff to myself, but now it's plant all the way.

So - when I spotted this next gen not milk I had to upgrade and give it a try!

Rich & creamy - sign me up! Plant based. Drinkable (I'm not a fan of almond for that)!

Source of good things - no bad things - lets check the fine print...

Seems OK so far.

It's Oats! No wonder it's not like almond milk.

And the oil they (inevitably) added is...

Sunflower! No palm oil for once - hooray!  Lots of odd stuff to give it a familiar texture though.

And it is guzzleable - I needed something to douse my home-made Thai curry that I made a tad too strong and it worked.

Thing is - now I've switched to the almond milk - it's all a little TOO creamy for me. So - back to the well (Sainsbury's) I have to go for the semi-skimmed version to see whether that suits my delicate tastes.

And while it looks the part in tea - being oaty it's still FAR too fragrant to make a good cup of regular black/green tea.  Makes it almost earl grey!  I think that with Earl (or Lady) this might work well, but as it stays fresh for ages I'm using the rest for Coffee style drinks instead.

So - a victory for the not milks, but a bit too thick for my newly shifted tastes.

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