31 July 2022

Birmingham Commonwealth Games - @NLi10

 Updated once home - Blogger is appalling on the iPhone...

It’s Commonwealth Games time in Birmingham - and we got a new Bull to celebrate!

It’s a tenuous association, but a fun one. We have a shopping centre called the Bull Ring, built on the site of an older shopping centre - also called the Bull Ring, which is on the site of a bull ring they think from ancient times.

Yesterday I went to Coventry for the Rugby 7s and saw the wonderfully talented Fiji team, today I’m at Smithfield in Birmingham next door to Chinatown for the 3x3 basketball.

So I got a salt & pepper, Chinese-style wrap from the food stall - the stall looked more mainstream than I'd like - but the chicken on display looked spicy and tasty

Salt and pepper chicken with some self added mayo in a lovely fresh wrap with country-appropriate salad.

And it was crispy with all the real flavours! I genuinely enjoyed it and all of the food stalls at the festival have been a great quality so far.

So now I’m ready for the games!  3 x 3 basket-ball had both mens and womens league matches - and standing and wheelchair versions - only 6 matches vs the 12 Rugby ones but it was a lovely afternoon out in the fading sun.

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