16 July 2022

Birrificio Angelo Poretti 4 (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Birrificio Angelo Poretti 4

I can't believe I haven't tried this before. Although I'm not much of a lager lover. The bubbles have a habit of giving me the burps. This Birrificio Angelo Poretti 4 was brewed by Carlsberg Italia, and imported by a brewery nearby, which Marston's Brewing Company. Birrificio Angelo Poretti brewery was originally established in 1877 by the entrepreneur himself, Angelo Poretti.

Four hop varieties from around the world were used in the brewing of this Birrificio Angelo Poretti 4, as well as barley malt. No wheat here. The calories were rather helpfully added to the label of this 5% in volume lager. At 277 calories for the 660ml bottle I'm going to have to manage my calories pretty well today to keep to my usual 2200. A tuna salad for lunch and a protein yogurt, with some fruit, and then a Chinese takeaway for dinner with this beer, and a little chocolate and ice cream for later should do it.

This shining bright gold coloured Birrificio Angelo Poretti 4 had a crisp hoppy aroma on opening with sweet malted barley in the background. On taste there was a light herbal hop bitterness to start with, followed by sweet malted barley to the finish. This was a lovely smooth and refreshing lager and not too bubbly. It certainly went very well indeed with my Pork Yuk Sung and also my sticky barbecue ribs for my takeaway. Yum.

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