12 July 2022

Mini Vienesse Mint Ice Creams (Aldi) By @Cinabar

Mini Vienesse Mint Ice Creams

So Britain is still super hot, so don’t mind me, but I have been buying up ice creams and ice lollies to keep cool. We don’t have air conditioning (in general) in UK homes, and we look forward to the sunshine each year, then we complain it is too hot when it arrives. This is the British way. My freezer is now fully stocked with chilled ice cream. This is the best thing to cool down.

These Mini Viennese Mint Ice Creams from Aldi were up next for taste testing. I unwrapped them and was impressed that there were two types of ice cream in the lolly, both mint and chocolate, with layers of thin crispy chocolate. I particularly like the look of the waves down the side, very retro and funky.

I am a big fan of mint, so these were lovely, sweet and creamy and the mix of chocolate was a delight. I liked the crispy texture of the chocolate layers and the novelty just made me smile. This is a good way to cool down. They are a mini ice cream, so not too big and just enough to help keep the heat at bay for a few minutes.

Mini Vienesse Mint Ice Creams

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zeddy said...

England and Wales are super hot.
Enjoy your ice cream.