25 July 2022

Mini Cheddars - Banging Cheese Burger (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

Mini Cheddars - Banging Cheese Burger

So this is a bit different for Mini Cheddars. Although the brand has bought out different flavours over the years, they are usually different types of cheese. After all, these are cheese biscuits, so the predominant flavour is usually cheese. It is, however, summer and barbecue season, so many of us will be making cheeseburgers. I decided to try them out with a sandwich at lunch time.

I opened up the bag of biscuits and poured them out. They had a light aroma, and didn’t look like they had too much seasoning. I gave one a try and it was alright. I have to admit I had been expecting a bit more strength in the flavour. There was a mild beef meaty taste and a little cheese, and even just a bit of herbs in there too. All in all, the flavour sounded much more exciting than the actual taste. These Mini Cheddars Banging Cheese Burger are pleasant enough and I’ll happily eat up the rest of the packs, but I wouldn’t rush out to buy any more. I’m not sure they quite hit the ‘banging’ flavour that was promised in the title.

Mini Cheddars - Banging Cheese Burger

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