23 July 2022

Lunar Lager (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Lunar Lager Odyssey Craft Brewery

Born in July I am a Moonchild. So this Lunar Lager from the Odyssey Craft Brewery sounds right up my street. Especially as its calories are rather helpfully on the back of the can at 114 calories. This 4.6% in volume Lunar Lager was brewed with Northern Brewer and also Aurora hops. Hopefully not too bubbly this lager should go well with my fish, chips and battered sausage for dinner.

I have to try to keep a balance of healthy foods, and bad for me foods, and also to finish on a decent pudding whilst limiting my calories to keep my weight down for my knee. I understand that I didn't include my pudding as 'bad for me foods', but who cares? Strengthening after a second more severe operation, or any operation, can be very time consuming and painfully challenging, but I have to persevere and keep fighting. It's the good things in life such as Birthday trips to Spa Hotels, days out, a beer or two a week, and the odd takeaway as a treat I look forward to in life.

On opening the rather cheerful busy 330ml can covered in space ships, astronauts and aliens, Lunar Lager had a malted barley aroma with a little herbal hops. Pleasantly fizzy, on taste Lunar Lager had a sweet malted barley flavour to start with, followed by a light refreshing bitterness from the herbal hops. This lager went perfectly with my fish, chips and battered sausage. Yum and cheers.

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