24 July 2022

Beware The Fuffle Man - local Fudge/Truffle Hybrid (@by NLi10)

 I'm amazed I'd not bumped into this sooner - maybe I managed to resist the free samples up to now.

Fuffle is the creation of a local guy (presumably the Gary on the pack) which combines the textures of fudge and truffle.  I'm not a massive fudge fan, so this piques my curiosity - what are they doing to make flavoured sugar a little more exciting?

Well - for a start the packaging is premium and gift-like. Two of the bars went straight to my dad.  He lost them, but I'm reliably informed they turned up in tact so I'll have to see what he thought of the dark flavours.  I kept the light and fruity ones so that's what we'll talk about today.

This is chocolate orange - and it smells great & looks like a brownie.

In my excitement the slices are blurred

And attract non-human interest too

Cats don't like orange so she didn't pick it up - but it was a close call!

These are smooth - not unlike the centre of peanut cups but hold together really well in the heat. The flavour is sweet and has all of the advertised flavours but isn't overpowering.  This has been made with love and care.

Good job I have a second bar to try (the deal was 4 for £10 but I also bought extra stuff) 

It was pretty hard to narrow the selection down - I mean look at these

They all sound similarly sweet and amazing, I should have got a white one to try I think.

I guess that just changes the Cocoa and the flavours added

And the classy foil!

In case you forget what your eating it's handily stamped on

And I cut myself 4 little micro brownies this time instead of 8 as once it's cut it's basically getting eaten.  

I think the orange was more special than this one, but this has a smoothness to the flavour meaning I could just sit and eat the bar with a tea effortlessly.

My partner has bumped into the stall at another food fair today - I'm tempted to say go and get more!  

He does have a website if your not local to Bromsgrove but are in the UK if you fancy some. Frankly they make a nice gift - and there are spoilers on the site for the other thing I have to review when it gets a bit more weather appropriate!

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