28 July 2022

Pepero - snowy almond - heatwave resistant Choc style snacks (@nli10)

 I’ve been writing these for so long it’s inevitable that we come full circle - my first ever post here was about Pocky - the lovable Japanese stick of chocolate. Today we are talking about something I picked up while it was far too hot - Pepero - which is basically the same snack. Only I got these from Sainsbury’s - a big supermarket - instead of obscure speciality oriental grocery stores. How times have changed.

It says it’s huge in Korea - and who am I to disagree - it’s certainly a nice treat.

Manufactured in Korea, and imported ready for the heatwave, these are not quite chocolate coated, but have a little cocoa butter in with all the usual suspect ingredients. 18% almonds is quite high - hooray!

Certainly has visible, recognisable ingredients from both the looks and tastes. It’s a creamy delight.

And when it’s hot, you can hold the stick part so that you don’t melt all the good things and get it all over you. It’s like a pre-made KP dip if anyone is old enough to remember those.

While bread sticks and oil fondant stuff doesn’t sound dreamy - it’s a lovely little sweet treat and very sharable.  It’s kind of odd that it’s taken a decade or so for mainstream supermarkets to pick these up, but I’m glad they are easier to find now.

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