14 July 2022

Curiously Cinnamon Churros - breakfast cereal! (by @NLi10)

 Churros are amazing, it's basically an excuse to eat long doughnuts that you dip into the goo instead of having the goo in the middle.  But - Churros for breakfast?

I'm certainly willing to give it a go - but I may use a bowl.  12 servings is very optimistic and hasn't considered the possibility of me opening the box and eating it like popcorn.

They've understood that this is weird and embraced it - dips, yogurt, jam, fruit, chocolate and all kinds of milk.  I'm surprised there isn't some kind of meat board going on too - surely these could be tapas?

I like that they labelled the fruit puree - although you probably could dip this in caramel too.

Less screaming, but they do look like the pictures which is a nice touch.

A nice calm bowl of cinnamon.

Now with almond milk

And they stay pretty crispy too.

And they taste as good as they smell.  A complete success - not too hard (protein cereal I'm looking at you) and interesting enough that the texture doesn't become too samey.  I think the shape helps them look authentic (complete with hole) and helps the milk and flavour bind together.

If these are affordable then I'd probably pick them up all the time as a nice change.

Now - do I re-review them with all the different dips and coatings...


zeddy said...

I was underwhelmed by these. I could barely detect the cinnamon.
I note that Aldi now sell their own brand version. I wonder if they are better?

Bulldoger said...
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NLi10 said...

There is an Aldi version? Ooh - sounds like a food stuff fights!

zeddy said...


NLi10 said...

Thanks - will pop to Aldi when I can! :)