9 July 2022

La Goudale Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

La Goudale Beer

Good ale or bad ale? La Goudale is a French beer and derives from "Good ale". Let's hope it is. My source of information for this beer (Wikipedia) told me that a mixture of pale malt and caramel malt were used, as well as three Flemish hops, orange peel and also coriander were added in the brewing. So I reckon this beer will go rather well with my fish and chips tonight.

After a high fermentation and at 7.2% in volume, La Goudale had a citrus hoppy smell on opening with sweet pale malts at the back of the aroma. On taste this strong deep golden ale had quite a strong alcoholic kick to start with, and an initial keen edged bitterness from the trio of hops. A refreshing fairly fizzy ale, La Goudale, had an orange zest after the sweet pale malts had smoothed out the hoppy bitterness, finishing with a light spiciness from the coriander. Very "good ale" indeed, especially with my fish and chips.

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