17 July 2022

Buxton Well Dressing - avoided! Cake & Escape instead (by @NLi10)

On our way back from Matlock we decided to visit Buxton, a nice little place with lots of great shops and cafes - only it looked a little busier than we were expecting!  Today was their annual Well Dressing festival - and the first since 2019 - it was a big deal - and meant that if we were still in our car-park at 1:30 then we'd be locked in til 5 and not able to get home until late - so the race was on. 

It really is a lovely place - famous for its Buxton water drawn from local wells - which I was looking forwards to reviewing fresh but they divert them for the festival days.

You can tell it's also quite a posh place as the local charity shop had hand-made medieval clothing for sale - ace!

Due to the Well Dressing (which as it sounds involves putting decoration on the well heads) there were also arts on display for the fringe festival - ideal on a slow-paced day but less so when we have to escape.

So we dashed round the lovely shady streets to the main park buildings with their markets, restaurant and cafe.

My partner had a slice of the red cherry cake at the top, and I had an courgette & avocado based version of a carrot cake.  Both (I snuck a bit) were very nice.  Grown up and not too sweet, but with the filling and icing filling that niche nicely.  We had a lovely tea with these too and got to sit in very luxurious surroundings indeed.

We'll just have to go back on a day where there isn't a full parade in the afternoon (or plan to spend enough time there to watch it).


Anonymous said...

Buxton is in no way posh...think you have an odd definition of the word 'posh' as often see it mentioned in completely normal contexts here.

cinabar said...

Lol - I'm from Wolverhampton, so you know many things seem posh to me based on that. :-D