2 July 2022

Victoria Malaga Lager (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Victoria Malaga Lager

Victoria was my first love, or was it Rachel? You can see that I was a pretty confused early teenager at the time. It was so long ago. As a family we used to drive through France during the Summer holidays and we would often end up in Spain after a day or two of driving. I've never been to Malaga though, although we probably went to the Costa Del Sol at some point or other.

Anyway this Victoria lager is brewed in Malaga. Pretty much the whole bottle is in Spanish. It's so time consuming to type everything into Google Translate, although I did in the end anyway. However I thought I'd look back on those hot Summer days spent at the end of my Birthday month, and then a few days in August. Days at the seaside spring to mind with vast busy beaches. This Victoria beer was a large 660ml bottle of lager at 4.8% in volume. So what better meal to have at the seaside? Fish, chips and a battered sausage, and all washed down with a Spanish lager.

We've been filling out human resources forms much of the morning. So it felt like a victory to get through them all. Named after the day of the Virgin of Victory, Victoria beer has been brewed since 1928. There was a touch of rice in the aroma on opening the bottle followed by a good strong smell of malted barley, and a little herbal hops at the end.

This deep golden lager was not too fizzy and belch inducing. Refreshing in taste, Victoria beer was made for the sun. With an initial rich malted barley flavour, a touch of rice, and then light bitterness from the herbal hops, Victoria lager went rather well with my Chippy meal. I was a little more adventurous the usual and had some chip shop curry sauce on the side too. Yum.

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