21 July 2022

Pink Prawn Cocktail Quavers are Back! (@NLi10)

 I know Cinabar talked about these when she first spotted them but I thought that I would try them for nostalgia's sake too.  So they are back in two senses of the word!

I took them to a mini picnic we had at my Nana-in-law's house while watching Wimbledon - she won't thank me for getting her in the picture.  She's 95 and still beats me at online Scrabble on her iPad though so consider this revenge.

We asked so they came back! We don't remember asking, but thanks anyway.  I liked these because they came in the three flavour multi-packs my other Grandma used to buy in the 90s. I wasn't so keen on the 'cheese' ones so usually got to eat these ones.

16g - you couldn't have gotten away with that in my day!

NO ARTIFICAL is fun too - as this has Monosodium Glutamate in which was the devil itself in the 90s, but turned out to just be food racism as it was the colours that were sending the kids loopy and MSG is just another kind of salt.

Barely any calories or crisps - one child-size serving.

And there they are in all their Quavery glory - only a little pinker as they aren't cheese.  And they taste like I remember, but then most prawn cocktail things taste similar (ketchup + mayo).

A fun diversion and a nice thing to take to an indoor picnic - but if they disappeared again It'd probably take me another 20 years to notice.


zeddy said...

Quite sweet, aren't they?
My oh like prawn cocktail but doesn't like these.
I don't mind them but still prefer cheese.

NLi10 said...

I prefer the Co-Op or M&S Prawn shells, but in a pinch or a party these are fine.