14 August 2023

Galaxy Milk Chocolate Digestives Biscuits (Morrisons) By @cinabar

Galaxy Milk Chocolate Digestives Biscuits

There are new Digestive biscuits on the shelf, not a new limited edition flavour as such, but a new chocolate covering! These are Galaxy Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits. Galaxy is fab chocolate, it isn’t my go-to chocolate, but whenever I do have it, I always think how silky it is. You can’t really beat a Ripple.

These biscuits are in a standard tube pack that was a pain to open and had no way of re-sealing if you just wanted a couple with a coffee. I so need a biscuit tin. The biscuits themselves have the word Galaxy on one side of them a coating of Galaxy chocolate on the other. I gave one of the biscuits a try, and they were a nice flavour of wheat and a tasty biscuit. The chocolate coating was smooth Galaxy chocolate, and the combination worked well, they were super tasty. I would happily have these again, perhaps not the most adventurous new release (chocolate digestive biscuits have been around a while), but nice to see Galaxy trying out something new. I look forward to anything else they might bring out, and I have made a mental note to buy a Galaxy Ripple next time I fancy a chocolate bar. 

Galaxy Milk Chocolate Digestives Biscuits

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