6 August 2023

THIS isn't beef mince - Spaghetti Bolognaise - Sainsbury's [@NLi10]

We like veggie food - we like Italian food - lets combine the two! 

Even better - this is Vegan - but no way is my partner having this without cheese on top.

And it looks very scarily like the real thing - down to the bit of blotting paper in the bottom.

Just a touch healthier (for us and for the cows!)

It clumps together a bit more than the real thing, and it doesn't reduce down like beef so this is really three portions not two in the same size box.  Smells great though which is very confusing as usually this is a little off-putting.

And then we add the the wonderful Heinz sauce to give it a hint of the ravioli we had as children.

Looks pretty legit, and smells wonderfully Italian.

And it looks like a great meal.

The THIS imitation protein has a similar flavour to other non-meat substitutes, but the texture is odd.  As my partner pointed out - it's oddly close to lentils - and the clumps only add to this with a lovely deep flavour.

I worried this would be too realistic for my partner, but I think it treads the line well - look like meat on the shelf so carnivores buy it, but taste great so the veggies eat it and want it again.

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