26 August 2023

Stray Cat Lager (Lymestone Brewery) By @SpectreUK

Stray Cat Lager (Lymestone Brewery)

Stray Cat Brewing is a pen name for Sarah Bradford. This lager was conceived by Sarah, and produced by the Lymestone Brewery, which was founded by Ian Bradford in 2008. There wasn't much information on the bottle with regards to why her pen name is Stray Cat, though the ingredients included lager malt, wheat malt, flaked maize, and Perle Hops.

It states on the bottle of this 4% in volume pale lager that it has a fruity finish. Looking up Perle Hops, suggests there should also be some minty, woody, and earthy peppery spiciness. Strong on hops, there was indeed a spicy pepper aroma on opening the bottle, with hints of mint and earthiness. Not particularly bubbly, this Stray Cat Lager won't make me burp too much after drinking.

Something in the ingredients was eating away at my mind though. It was the maize. I've tasted some beers in the past that have been spoiled by a strong maize flavour overshadowing everything else. Though I needn't have worried.

On taste Stray Cat Lager had a light refreshing crispness, with a warming flavour of spices and pepper. There was also sweetness from the lager and wheat malts perfectly combined with the flaked maize, and there was a little fruity minty taste into the aftertaste, all of which made me want to go back for more. I believe Sarah Bradford has done a smashing job with this lager, and I look forward to drinking more from Stray Cat Brewing.

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