19 August 2023

Turning Point Pulpatine Stout (The Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Turning Point Pulpatine Stout

I love Comic Cons. I can't help going to the odd one now and then, not only to fuel my inner geek, but also to sell my products for my slowly growing toy business called Popular Toys Emporium. My stall does quite well at Comic Cons, whereas at the more inclusive toy fairs for the vintage toy collectors, it struggles at little.

There are always lots of characters wondering around Comic Cons wearing costumes they have worked exceptionally hard to make them as authentic as possible. These costumes are always very impressive. If you stop one of these characters they will very happily tell you every aspect of their outfit, where they bought different parts and even what movies each part represents. I have seen an Emperor Palpatine at a few of these Comic Cons, not to mention a very pesky Jawa, who wonders around trying to lift toys when no one is looking.

This Pulpatine imperial stout reminds me of the sheer hard work these people put into their character costumes, due to the fact that there are so many detailed ingredients. There is peach, plum, charred nectarine, and beech smoked malts in the ingredients, as well as hops and oats, which should provide quite the taste sensation.

On opening the can there was a sumptuous fruity aroma of plums mixed with citrus from the nectarine and hops, cushioned by rich smoky chocolate malt. Gosh, I could spend all night smelling this imperial stout. However, I have an Indian takeaway on route, so I'm looking forward to washing down my Sheikh Kebabs, and Lamb Rogan Josh with chips. I know, but I've never been much of a rice lover, and I do love a curry and chips.

On taste this almost black Pulpatine imperial stout was too good to put down. There was instant fruitiness from the plums, which reminded me of the plum porters I love so much. There was a tartness to this plum flavour too, from the added nectarines and crisp citrus hops. The sweet velvety smokiness of the chocolate malt followed on from this, with a touch of peach into the aftertaste. Simply gorgeous. I will have to pick up a few more of these cans, but not in the far, far, future.

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