17 August 2023

Plant, The Bar (Choc & Raspberry) [@NLi10]

Protein bars are nothing new, but now there is a definite attempt to make them less synthetically and to have at least some real vitamins available.  Here we have The Bar, Plant - which is vegetarian friendly (which I guess means it's not suitable for Vegans). 

Here are the nutrients contained in The Plant Bar - and it's a Holland & Barrett special - no wonder I've not seen these around.  Once opened consume immediately - probably because like a lot of these things it just absorbs all the moisture.

But Plant The Bar actually looks reasonably appetising, and that might be real chocolate on the outside!

And on top of the Bar, there is a layer of the chosen flavour - meaning they can just use the same mix for the base on these and add some jam so that it's not entirely protein and has some flavour variety.

And overall - it's pretty successful.  Like most of these things your body won't process this efficiently and you'll just excrete it (unless you are doing some fantastic work-outs that causes your body to digest protein at a magically faster rate), and you'd be much better off consuming plants that contain the amino acids that your body actually uses to build proteins (broccoli) as happens in all mammals.

But - as a 'gym snack' this is pretty decent - but remember to have a lot of water on standby so you don't dehydrate as a result.

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