3 August 2023

Pieminister Crispy Filo! Souk Chook & Maroc Star [@NLi10]

Pieminister are certainly a favourite - and over the years they've come up with some exciting variations - but maybe non so exciting as using Filo pastry.

I'm not sure exactly what the reason is for this - maybe it's a health thing -but I do love crispy light pastry.  And filling it with Pieminister's signature chunky ingredients has to be great.

They look like big filo parcels - and both have outer decorations too.

Spicy up top, and then more seeds below - both suiting the flavours inside.

Hopefully you can read what's in these - the font to backing didn't really work under my kitchen lights.  Oh no - we'll have to have these again to update the records.

And they look great - a Pieminister is a meal in itself so we tend just to add a few light veggies.  The restaurant tends to over do it with mash.

And as usual the fillings are great quality.  Very unusual with both pies having a star anise - aniseed flavour underneath it all.  This made it quite different in flavour as well as texture and was a nice touch.  Overall these are a little lighter than the traditional short-crust pies but I think there is definitely times when I'd prefer both.

Another one for the repeat purchase list then - a hit in both the meaty and veggie versions.

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