8 August 2023

Muddy Bears (Local Petrol Station) By @Cinabar

Muddy Bears

We have a local petrol station near us that is growing its selection of imported sweets. They do seem to be a surprisingly good place for interesting products; they even stocked Prime at the point when it was impossible to find anywhere (admittedly at a silly price per can). This is the latest addition to their stock: Muddy Bears. Fruity-flavoured gummy bears coated in milk chocolate. This sounds like such a weird idea to me, but they are a popular American candy.

Inside the bag are chocolate-coated gummy bears. They are difficult to identify as bears, but some are clearer than others. There are three varieties in the bag, but there is no way to know which flavour you pick because of the chocolate coating. I gave one a try, and the first thing to note is that the gummy sweet underneath is fairly chewy, which makes the chocolate fall off a bit. The chocolate isn’t the best chocolate in the world, but in combination with the gummy bear underneath, it works well and has a nice flavour.

I did manage to identify all three flavours. The strawberry is quite mild but has a nice flavour, a little like strawberry laces. The pineapple one is sweet but has a gentle flavour. It was juicy, but it could have been stronger. Finally, the apple is lovely and was my favourite. It had a strong flavour, was very fresh and juicy, and went well with the cocoa taste.

These Muddy Bears are a bit of fun, but they made me smile, and I enjoyed munching them after a long day at work. Definitely something I’d pick up again, and a lovely treat or stocking filler for a gift as they are in a cute box.

Muddy Bears

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