13 August 2023

Sky By The Water - Resorts World, Birmingham [@NLi10]

 We don't go out to fancy restaurants very often, but for a surprise 40th we were invited to Sky By The Water, which is on top of Resorts World Birmingham.  This is basically a restaurant on top of a hotel, and beneath that is a shopping centre and cinema.  It's also next door to where they now hold Birmingham Games Expo (and the airport) so I know it well!

I started with the Chorizo Scotch Egg - which was pretty deluxe and warm and crispy - for £8 it was about right.  The textures were great, the flavours a little muted for my tastes, but overall glad I chose this.

Next up was the Lemon Chicken Risotto, which was quite a filling main.  The veggies were balanced and well cooked (and you could order a side of extras if required) and the chicken was tender and did have the lemon flavour.  The risotto could have had a touch more bite for me, but was very enjoyable and I almost couldn't finish.  Almost.

By this point the sun was setting and the smaller groups in the extension could see the view.  Larger parties are more in the main area though so we had to look at the view at the end - but over the water in question it was a little too dark to see.

Having had the Crème Brulé last time I went out (generous portions!) I opted for the fruity crumble.

The topping was very light which was appreciated, and the custard was lovely and strong.

Overall this was very fruity and well worth hanging around for.  A fantastic three course meal for just under £40 (didn't have alcohol).

After dinner you can hang out in the secret garden in these little pods, but there isn't a view as they have put up partitions - so we went to the casino for a few hours and we didn't loose too much.

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